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Experience Hamneskär (Pater Noster), Hot tub Mollösund & Dinner at Åstol or Marstrand

A quiet RIB tour takes you from Marstrand to Hamneskär (Pater Noster) where you get to experience a now extinct profession along the Swedish coast. Follow in the footsteps of famous lighthouse keepers such as Carl Gunnar Taube, Evert Taube's father. Then on to Mollösund for Bad & Sauna on the jetty with a dip in the West Sea. Then we head to Åstol or Marstrand for a gourmet meal on the jetty. I don't think it's going to get any better in Bohuslän.

This is included in the package:

Departure from Marstrand/Gothenburg or Rönnäng at Tjörn
Marstrand to Hamneskär (Pater Noster) with short "four talk" and oysters & bubbles on the jetty
On to Mollösund for bath & sauna
Then to Åstol or Marstrand for delicious dinner on the jetty

Back to Marstrand

The evening is still young...

Marstrand, welcome to the pearl of the west coast! 35 min from Centralen Göteborg, 45 min from Landvetter!

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  • Start Marstrand 1295 kr pp
  • Start Gothenburg 1595 kr pp + bus approx 1900 Marstrand to Gothenburg
  • Drinks are added.
  • Duration 3-5 hours


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