Come out in our RIB boats (Rigid Inflatable Boat) and experience the archipelago from a completely different perspective. Offer your customers a leisurely off-shore experience or glide calmly between the islands.

Surprise your staff with a different nature experience and kick-start business relationships. Enjoy good food and a sense of community in a new and exciting environment. Get the opportunity to experience Bohuslän during an excursion.
Take part in the beautiful nature, stop by, have a coffee and solve some tricky rope exercises on the jetty. Take a break during your conference and get new power, inspiration and a more close-knit group of common topics of conversation.

There are no better ways to experience Marstrand & Bohuslän (Åstol, Hamneskär/Pater Noster, Klädesholmen, Skärhamn, Kyrkesund, Mollösund & Käringön) than from a RIB! Combined with good food and unique places, it will be an experience you will never forget. Start in Gothenburg, Marstrand or according to your own wishes.
Some of us just have to have that little extra adrenaline rush!

Conferences & activities in Marstrand