Where can you go?

Our RIB boats are transported on a trailer, which allows us to be on site and make trips where it suits you best. We can pick you up and drop you off almost anywhere on the west coast from our home port of Marstrand or Gothenburg. We prefer Marstrand where we have our base so we avoid driving up and thus have less carbon footprint.

The easiest for you is perhaps Gothenburg or Marstrand or Rönnäng on Tjörn, for an excursion to our many popular places such as Vinga, Klädesholmen, Åstol, Pater Noster, Käringön, Smögen etc.

When can you go?

RIB can be skied in virtually all weather conditions. The season starts early and ends late. Basically, it is possible to go as long as it is ice-free.

How fast is it going?

We reach speeds of 50 - 60 knots, which corresponds to about 100-120 km/h. But of course you don't have to go that fast to have a wonderful and fast-paced experience in the archipelago. (Some of our boats are modified for lower speeds). It feels safe & secure to go RIB with us!

Is it physically demanding? Any other restrictions?

It can be physically demanding, but if it is waves, it is good if you pair the movement of the boat with being flexible in the knees. People who have problems with their back or are pregnant or other medical problems that make it inappropriate to go Rib boat, it is recommended not to go RIB boat.

If you do not notify the above in writing when booking and are repeated to the skipper on departure, you will go at your own risk.

How many passengers do the boats take?

Each boat takes 12 passengers. In total, we have capacity for groups of up to 100 people.

Do you need to bring sea clothes/shoe?

No, you don't have to. You'll arrive as dry as you were when you boarded. We have flotation suits, goggles for all passengers. But uncomfortable clothes and comfortable shoes will make your day more pleasant and comfortable. The only thing that can get wet is your shoes. So in case of rough weather, bring a pair of unshod leisure shoes.

What is the training of drivers?

All our drivers have a Ship Commander's Degree, Machine Officer's Degree, High Speed Training for Professional Traffic and are trained in first aid. All for your safety!

What kind of safety equipment do you have on board?

For your safety, we have a VHF radio with DSC and mobile phones. Float overalls you wear when you're on board. Life rafts, flares, first aid, hansealine, emergency satellite transmitters (EPIRB) and fire extinguishers are also on board.

Can you arrange some food?

Of course we do. A lovely picnic, with e.g. white wine and freshly smoked shrimp on the rocks when we arrive or a stop at a nice archipelago restaurant. Many different arrangements can be arranged based on your wishes. Look under our RIB Packages

How much does it cost?

Of course, it depends on the type of arrangement you choose. Please contact us for a quote!

What about insurance?

We have taken out passenger liability insurance with Atlantica as an additional protection for you.

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